The Prospects Motto "Theres no such thing as stupid questions.... Just stupid people!"

What is Sons of Solana ?
The SOSMC is a limited collection of 5,555 ruthless gorillas taking control of the town of Solana and the rest of California. This is the original collection, no copying other collections, no stolen artwork and no rubbish utilities pass through our clubhouse.  Only real revenues, generated from real ventures! We are here to create the biggest revenue creating club on the Solana chain.  We have some amazing ventures that are in our pipeline with already the work underway on one of them.. and another already lined up for our V.2 roadmap, True WAGMI style!

What do i get for holding a SOSMC NFT?
- First, With all royalties and gross revenue directed to the community fund wallet the project will experience significant growth. The revenues from that alone will build up quick and fast. The diversification into new projects and ventures will only continue into a unstoppable snowball of project growth.

- Second, you will have access to our holders lottery (Providing you haven't listed them), every unlisted holder is automatically eligible to receive entry into the monthly holders lottery where you will win USDC & NFT's.

- Third, You will get airdrops, competitions for hospitality packages for high profile events likes of Nascar, F1, NFL, FIFA matches, NBA games plus many more. These are a play to win basis where only holders have the chance to win the monthly draws.

and finally..

Because they are fucking awesome!

What is the mint price?
The minting price for one SOSMC is 1.5 Solana. There will only ever be 5,555 NFT's up for grabs! As we have deflationary strategies the total available amount of NFT's in circulation will reduce making our reward schemes even more lucrative.

Do you plan to offer staking?
We have some amazing plans (If you haven't check out the roadmap) and do have plans to implement Staking, however only with the communities go ahead! We want the community to get involved in the projects direction. We have drafted a plan for staking but that's going to be a community ruling.
We will immediately be setting up the DAO after minting and be looking for at the holders to help decide how we spend the community funds generated. We have outlined a few core projects that we are undertaking to stabilise the project and provide the holders with a NFT that can sustain growth for years to come. We will be overseeing all suggestions and voting as a democratic community about what ventures we should also implement.

What secondary markets are you listing with?
We only plan to list on Magic Eden and OpenSea (When they start opening to Solana, which is soon!). This is because they offer more protection for buyers such as yourselves to ensure you are in fact buying a original collection and not a imitation project.

Do you have a Discord?
Yes, our Discord link will be issued through or Twitter page. Go head to our twitter if you haven't already done so.. Click follow and turn on notifications to get the invite notifications.