What started as a frustration when looking for good projects that had future value and not just full of crap scribbles and empty promises, turned into what we aim to to make it one of the best projects of 2022!

We are Doxxing Our core Team

Not only are we publicly doxxing our core team, we will submit a KYC information with the publicly traded Coinbase. this mean all our details will be verified as true and correct.

Why is doxxing important?

Doxxing is the public release of identity and information regarding the individuals. This is extremely important for projects as the anonymity the blockchain provides for any potential fraudulent project developers is dramatically reduced. Without this verification you run the risk of losing your investment, as such we strongly suggest only investing with projects who have done this.

degenerates bringing real Utilities to SOSMC Members.

Name: Chris – A.K.A ‘’The Solitician’’

Age: 35
Role: Project Co Founder
Bio: Born in the UK, has a strong background in Technology, Music Industry and fitness guru. Have been creating digital art for the last few years now and have ran a successful P2P and online business for over 10 years.
Heavily experienced in design and brand creation. Has a unhealthy obsession with Cryptos and a complete degenerate for Solana NFT projects.

Current Holdings: The Remnants, Catalina Whales, CETS, Portals, plus many others.

Twitter: The Solitician

Name: Jonny – A.K.A ‘’SOLSHOOTER’’

Age: 32
Role: Project Co Founder
Bio: UK Born, I have engineering background and accreditations in blockchain technologies and ICT. I have a weakness for crypto investments and a love of waffles.. Who doesn’t, right?

Completing a bachelors in Business & Economics whilst finalising my accredited qualification in financial advising. Real passion for business, investments and project development.

Most common heard quote: Fucking Gas fee’s!!

Current holdings: The only one that matters.. SOSMC of course!
Twitter: Solana Shooters